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Encouraging students to pursue grassroot sports activities outdoor in an Eco-friendly manner

The project aims to provide a framework and training materials for sport teachers and trainers that will enable them to conduct trainings with youngsters at school (aged 7-16 years old) and in sport clubs on implementing sports activities that embrace the nature as an entity to be respected from an ecological point of view, thus reducing and avoiding any impact on the nature from exercising sports activities (destroying forest grounds, damaging plants and wildlife, etc.).

By undertaking such awareness training among youngsters, sustainable and ecology friendly sports and healthy enhancing physical activities will be propagated.

Students and youth will be stimulated to learn more about ecology education as well as to play grassroot sports including possibilities to find solutions, working together in realising them and strengthening their social skills in propagating the social inclusion impact to other peers and stakeholders, thus creating an “awareness ecosystem via sports” with direct results.

Target groups:

  • sport youth leaders and workers that are organising sports activities
  • current active sports / physical education teachers/trainers
  • students/youngsters (aged between 7 and 16)
  • all citizens in the society

Start: 1 January 2020
End: 31 December 2022

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