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Athletics Games of Turkish 1st League in Trabzon

My Conversations with athletes and trainers about eco-friendly sport during Athletics Games of Turkish 1st League in Trabzon on 26-30 August 2020.

By H. Ahmet Pekel.

Recreative and professional level sport activities are colorful events around the world joined by many spectators, although number of spectators have been very low due to corona virus pandemics.

Turkish Athletics’ Federation 1st League Competitions took place in Black Sea city of Trabzon on 26 and 27 of August 2020; in man 15 clubs with 235 athletes, in women 10 clubs with 135 athletes competed in the games, joined by their trainers and managers.

Mr. H. Ahmet Pekel, associate professor at Faculty of Sport Sciences at the Gazi University was present with the Gazi University Athletics team at the games; Mr. Pekel was a national sprinter.

Mr. Pekel, who is also a researcher in the ECOCOM project talked to athletes and their trainers during the competition about the project and asked about their thought and experiences about eco-friendly sport activities.

Athletes were from age groups from 16 – 30 years old. Athletes told that they haven’t witnessed any project in eco-friendly initiatives in sport activities. Some of the athletes only mentioned that its only their personal awareness and their habit to help protect the environment.

The trainers, most of them were athletes themselves, said they haven’t heard any such activity like ECOCOM, praising the project. They said that activities and education programs for young athletes at grassroot level would be very beneficial for the young athletes at every club. The trainers also said, trainers either in athletics or any other sport branch has to go through education programs to be a licensed trainer, training courses for sport trainers and coaches must include modules in the education program about eco-friendly sport activities. From his conversations with athletes and their trainers, Mr. Pekel said that definitely there is a need for an action plan or and education program about eco-friendly sport activities, eco-friendliness aspect of sport activities is very much neglected and need attention. Mr. Pekel has many hats, former national athlete, certified trainer, academic at the university as associate professor, thinks that information booklets, flyers, information in billboards in and around the sports training facilities can be used to increase awareness in eco-friendly sport approached in sport and physical activity.

Rubbish and empty water bottles from the athletics field during the games.

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