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Sustainable and eco-friendly Modern Pentathlon

The world is changing day by day, not only in terms of technology, population, humanity but also climate, temperature, renewable resources. In this environment, we have two options. We will either stop and watch this change or reverse this situation that we all go through. The world belongs to all of us and we have no other place to live.

I would like to start my words about me:

Hello, I am Mustafa, I am currently doing my master’s degree at Gazi University. I am a former athlete, and now I am an athletics and modern pentathlon trainer. Let’s start by explaining what the modern pentathlon is.

The modern Pentathlon consists of five disciplines and is organized in four events. These are; Fencing, Swimming, Riding,  and Laser-Run (Shooting and Running. The modern Pentathlon is an integral sport with its educational, physical, mental and intellectual aspects. Swimming and athletics are the basic disciplines of the physical side of the pentathlon. Pistol Shooting, which forms the mental side, requires stress control and a perfect technique. This branch requires a well-organized study program. All competitions are held in a specific order.

The truth we have to admit: Eco-friendliness, sustainability, and recycling in sports is NOT AN OPTION, IT IS AN OBLIGATION.

Recycling is a general term describing the recycling (and use) of semi-finished products and products that have the characteristics of scrap, not being thrown into the nature. The words recycling and recovery are also used for the same meaning. While new scrap is the manufacturing deviation of the semi-finished product and the final product, old scrap includes the end products discarded by the consumers or have reached the end of their life. The recycling of new scrap is often referred to as recovery, while the collection and inclusion of old scrap is characterized as recycling. Primary production includes products from natural raw materials, while secondary production is recycled scrap, in short, the “new-old-new” cycle. In our country, instead of the “throw-away” culture, the culture of “re-use” or “transport your waste” should be strikingly highlighted.

Can Modern Pentathlon be Eco-friendly?

Modern Pentathlon is a sport formed by the combination of 5 branches. For this reason, many sports equipment are used by athletes: swords, helmets and special clothing for fencing, pistols and targets for shooting, shoes for running, special clothing for riding, swimming caps, goggles and special clothing for swimming.


One of the biggest problems of fencing athletes is that the swords they use break quickly and have to change. Swords made with re-cycled metal will make a great contribution to recycling in sports.

It should not be neglected to repair fencing clothes that are torn quickly due to sword contact and continue to use. It is also important that these clothes are made from recyclable materials.

2. Shooting

Since the pistols and targets used for shooting are electronic mechanisms, they often break down. The use of broken equipment should not be discontinued and its repair should be provided. It is normal for the hands to grow as age progresses. As the age progresses, it is normal that the pistol is not suitable for the hand, in such cases the pistol should be left to the use of younger athletes.

3. Riding

The manure of horses used in horse riding can be used for nature. In this way, natural fertilization will be healthy for nature.

4. Running

The materials used in running can be made from recyclable materials. The shoes used but in good condition can be transferred to other athletes. Hurdles and equipment to be used in running must be made of recyclable materials.

5. Swimming

Swimming caps, clothes, glasses are generally made of plastic materials. Recycling of these will contribute to the reduction of plastic waste in nature. Aging materials suitable for use can be transferred to other athletes. Making this equipment from recycled plastics is one of the steps that can be taken.

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