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Hello, my name is Eser. I was born in Konak district of Izmir. I completed my primary, secondary and high school education in Izmir. My interest in sports began with handball in fourth grade. I played professional handball for nine years. I studied horsemanship and horse coaching in college because of my interest in animals. I’m still studying veterinary technicians. I am currently continuing my duties as a rider and horse trainer at the Traditional Sports Youth and Sports Club.

Equestrian is basically the ability to ride horses. It is a sport that is performed in harmony with the rider and the horse. It is the only sport in which men and women can compete together individually. It helps in the development of concentration and physical skills. It is a sport in which all muscle groups are operated, such as swimming.

Can Horse riding Be Environmentally Friendly?
Since horse is part of its ecological system, equestrian sport is an environmentally friendly sport. Choosing the materials used in equestrian trainings from the skin is preferred because it is long-lasting and will have minimal impact on the environment.

It is generally recommended to use leather head, artificial leather head. Even if the PVC head is used according to the branch, the sustainability period will be long because the usage time is long.

Preferably leather, suede and artificial leather material are used. If maintained regularly, the lifespan of these materials can be extended up to 15-20 years. According to the branch, saddle sets from hard plastic can be preferred because the leather material is heavy. These can be used longer than leather materials. The effect on the environment is minimized.

In traditional Turkish Archery, paper targets are used that are likened to a human figure called puta. Behind these targets is a polymer material called ethylene vinyl acetate, called EVA, to cause less damage to the arrows. The positives of EVA targets are that in addition to being very light, they have high tear resistance, elasticity and impact resistance. In addition to single-piece EVA targets, multi-layer, multi-layer EVA targets are also produced. These materials both cause less damage to the arrows and can be used again by taking the bad parts to ensure sustainability of eva targets that have expired and are worn out due to over-shooting. The structure of the target papers used on the target cushions will last longer when translated into fabric.

In order for success to come in equestrian sport, the horse’s legs and feet must be protected. For this reason, getr heels or bandage sets are used. These materials are made of hard plastic or fabric. Since it provides long-term use, the amount of waste is very small.

The length of horseshoeing of a horse varies from 30 to 45 days. For 30- and 45-day changes, the same horseshoes can be reused if appropriate. Zero horseshoeing varies to 70 or 80 days. This means that the use of zero horseshoes varies from 4 to 5 times per year. Thus, the use of horseshoes can be saved. Horseshoe changes and horseshoe breed vary according to the equestrian branch. This time can be prolonged and shortened. Types of mint; aluminum or iron. Unused horseshoes can be used in ornaments, hangers, etc. In this way, we will have reduced the use of waste to zero.

In the boxes or living areas of horses, a variety of horse material is used to relax, lie down and create a more comfortable space. These are materials such as sawdust, stalks, paddy, etc. the materials used on this floor are already recycled materials. For example, if you want to use the waste resulting from the processing of the board. State incentives can be increased for the use of the resulting waste as organic fertilizer in agriculture.

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